Around the Tattoo and Aftercare

Before tattooing:

You should show up rested and sober and have eaten.

You're welcome to bring your own, clean, big towel (if you do not care for a few splashes of paint)

Important care instructions for your new tattoo:

The tattoo was covered with a special bandage.

 1.) The next day, carefully remove the bandage and carefully wash or shower the tattoo with warm water and pH neutral soap.

Please DO NOT soak, that means only showering and not bathing until the tattoo is completely healed. Dry it carefully with a towel and leave it alone for the rest of the day.

If circumstances allow, do not cover the tattoo with clothing.

If the tattoo does not stretch yet you do not need to cream it.

Apply a thin cream the following day (wound healing ointment with eg dexpanthenol). Depending on the fat content of the skin one to two times, thin apply is very important.

2.) Take good care that no sweat or dirt gets into the wound! Sweat can form bacteria, which, like dirt, can cause inflammation. Likewise animal hair could transmit germs and should not reach the tattoo.

3.) Do not scratch the tattoo! 4.) It is best not to wear tight or fluffy clothes. Wear loose cotton clothing. If the clothes stick to the tattoo, soak the spot briefly with warm water and try to loosen it carefully. Do not just tear off!

5.) DO NOT bathe or swim in swimming pool, sea or lake until complete healing of approx. 14 days. 6.) At least 8 weeks no strong sun or solarium. The skin is still very sensitive even after the superficial healing and can possibly overreact,  which might not be in your interest. When sun exposure should always be a sunscreen with SPF 50 used to protect the tattoo from fading.

For Second skin bandages, please note:

The patch can stay on the tattoo for up to 7 days without you having to do anything.

Nevertheless, take a shower, do not bathe.

If it should dissolve so that soapy water can penetrate it, it should be removed immediately, as this would have a negative effect.

After removing the bandage, follow the normal care instructions.

Since we have no control over the aftertreatment, each tattoo is at your own risk.

If the tattoo, for whatever reason, should ignite, it would be good to let us know.

It should be noted that allergic reactions such as redness, pimples or itching may occur.

There is a possibility that you will be allergic to disinfectants and cleaning products as well as healing ointments.

Immediately after tattooing swelling of the nearby lymph nodes may occur as the lymphatic system removes, sometimes even stores, excess pigment.